Once an extraordinaire art director of Philippine Airlines, Ross Capili, flew very high in his executive career, hobnobbing with the airline moguls and Manila’s elite for most of his stint. He travelled with some of them, to international accounts, promoting the airline, while billeted in first class hotel suites, with round-the-clock valet and room service Read More →


We are a group of women artists from the Philippines having ethical manners, high self-esteem, strong yet feminine qualities, exuding class, self-respect and dignity. We have high regard for inner happiness, trustworthiness and we are also domestic goddesses on our own right. Truly Women of Substance, the United Women Artists Association of the Philippines is Read More →

Fidel Sarmiento Photo

Fidel Sarmiento breathes art. Yet his whole being is wired to AAP. Having watched him all these 12 years, that commitment to the association he remarkably displayed is undisputed to this very day. I saw him taught kids and I saw how every artwork metamorphosed. It was exceptional. Seeing every child’s artwork progressed to its Read More →


“That was the heyday”, according to Lia Torralba, as she talked about the euphoric state brought by the EDSA revolution. This was when the overture of global limelight galvanized “People Power” as ours, and in the process shook the senses of every thinking Filipino. In the art front, it was one great neutralizer. For men, Read More →

Lemurian Labyrinth

Brutally frank. If there’s one thing I should describe Buds Convocar, it’s that, brutally frank. Armed with years of endeavours as an artist, a vast armory of knowledge as an educator, and a bona fide involvement as an art group leader, he should know very well where he is coming from. By contrast, the interview Read More →